1. Does my truck require a c notch or under bed notch? (Gm Trucks) 

     The correct answer is it depends. On 2007-2017 Gm Truck on a 4/7 drop NO notch is required (only applies to single cabs). C- Notch is recommended on crew cab 2007-2017 Gm Trucks on a 4/7 drop or lower. If your Truck is 1988-2006 a notch is required on a 3/5 or lower drop (on all cabs). (see drop kits for more details)

2. Do I need a two piece driveshaft? Gm Trucks. 

     Two piece driveshaft are required on 4 door (crew cab) 2002-2017 Gm trucks that have the following. Are on a 4/6 drop or lower, have a c notch, race or have high horsepower trucks. NOT recommend or required on single cabs or trucks that come with a factory two piece driveshaft. (see drive shaft page for more info)  

3.Does and under bed notch require cutting of the bed? 

     Yes & No. You don't need cutting on top of the bed (since it goes "under bed") but under you will need to remove a factory bed rail for proper clearance. (see under bed notch for more details) 

4.Difference between a c notch, under bed notch and step notch (monster notch)?

     C-Notch are used for drop kits up to 7". Under bed notch allows for up to 11" drop kit. And monster notch are used for 11" or more drop or even air suspension kits. 

5. Can a dropped truck be aligned back to specs?.

    Yes using quality parts give you quality results. Our combined kits are designed to give you the best alignment possible and the most comfortable ride. 

6.How many inches does it take to level the front of my truck? 

     The best way is to measure the front to the back. Some vehicle may require on 2" while others may require 3". May kits available taking the time to measure can ensure you buy the correct one for your vehicle. 

7.Will trimming be required on my truck?

    Every vehicle is different. And a lot factors come into play wheels, tires, size of the lift, vehicle, etc. However on most vehicle plastic pieces may require minor trimming (for larger wheels and tires). Also some lift kit manufacturers require trimming per their instructions.

8.How do I know I am getting the right wheel for my lift kit?

     Most lift kit manufacturers have wheel guidelines so the installation process can go smoothly. Also several wheel manufacturers have the several offset options to get you the right look and size for your project. 

9.How do I know if its the correct tire for wheels/ lift kit?

     (Same as above) Depends on the manufacturer. We also can recommend body lifts, lift kits, etc. to be able to clear the wheel and tire combo you are wanting to install. 

10.Which is the best lift kit for the money or best lift kit brand? 

     It would depend on what you are wanting to get out of your lift. Every brand brings something different to the table. Depending on what you are looking for we can suggest a brand that would suit your needs and budget. 

    Extra Questions Not Related to Suspension Work

1. Do we offer financing?

      Yes, we offer financing with No credit check. And with credit check. No credit check provides you with a 100 days same as cash option. Credit check provides 12 months 0% interest. 

2.Are appointments required for alignments or installations?

    Yes, we work by appointments only. Appointments are made in person or over the phone.

3.What warranty is offered?

     Our warranty includes 3 years on parts, 2 years on labor, 1 year on shocks, and 6 months on alignments.   ***Warranty only included on our installations NOT on Sales**