We established our shop in 2010 with one thing in mind, to be the best suspension shop we can be. We set out to accomplish our goal by setting a foundation on providing high quality installations and using name brand parts for our builds. We back our great installations with a second to none warranty on parts & labor. Since then we have been building innovative products and also setting standards on installations. We have created breakthroughs in installation processes and alignment procedures by designing and engineering easy to install kits. We proved the naysayers wrong by dropping and aligning trucks that were previously consider "too low" or "too difficult" to align or hold an alignment. Today we can proudly say we have achieved our goal and set new goals for our growing business.  Our business has truly been blessed and have grown tremendously over the last few years. We have become a trusted brand within the aftermarket suspension industry. We took all of our years of experience and proudly open our very own manufacturing department. We have a list of late model truck kits and parts that are now available to you. Reklez brand of custom parts include custom coil over kits, front air bag suspension kits, rear air bag suspension kits and much more. We have been strategically planning to offer even more suspension products based on the areas that need improvements ( as a industry) and by listening to the feedback from  our customers/fan base. 

Lastly we are very blessed to offer our great products via our website. Our website is a reflection of our business practices. We offer a simple but neat & organized website with honest up front information on the product you select. From the materials being used to the build times for your specific part. That up front honest approach has won us a loyal customer base. You can place your trust that our kits/ parts will provide you excellent results on your project/ build. The parts we offer on our website are the same ones used on the awesome builds that come out of our shop. Our years of experience have allowed us to combine the best brands and parts to achieve that comfortable ride you look for when customizing your truck.

We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions. We are glad to help you answer any questions you may have regarding any  Reklez Suspension Works LLC. product. A great advantage of calling our business is that you get to talk to technicians, making it easier for you to get the right information you're looking for. Our phones are not answered by sales people that only want to sell you parts. We want your business but most importantly we want you to be informed and know you are making the right choice when purchasing Reklez products. 

Buy with confidence!

 If you have any question we can be reached at: (832) 770-4366

Business Hours: 9am-4pm Central Time.

Thank you for choosing Reklez Suspension Works LLC. God Bless.   

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